Frequently asked questions

Something you want to know about us? We may already have an answer for you! Have a look at our FAQ.


How can I start using the Crowdsorsa app?

Download our app from Google Play or App Store, create your profile and find an interesting mission nearby. All instructions needed for participation can be found in the app.

Is there an age limit to play Crowdsorsa?

Users need to be at least 13 years to have a Crowdsorsa account, and children can only play under their parent’s supervision.

What are the phone requirements?

The Crowdsorsa app is available for both iOS and Android. Your phone needs to have a compass for the app to work. Having a fairly new OS version is highly recommended because the app may not function properly with outdated operating systems.

Please note that the high accuracy mode for location needs to be on and the phone should not be used in battery saving mode.

Can I do missions whenever I want?

We are running most of our missions between May and September because of the weather being suitable for many outdoor activities. Missions are usually played in daytime and dry weather to ensure good data quality but certain missions may have other requirements. These requirements can be found in the mission description.

How do I play the game?

Depending on the mission type, you earn money by taking photos or videos to survey infrastructure assets or to document carried out microtasks. The game’s map is updated with virtual objects to display the mission progress. Once your uploaded files have been approved by our quality control, you can request the reward to your bank account.

What are the virtual objects and how much are they worth?

In road and bike lane surveys, there are six different virtual objects to collect: blueberry (0,05€), grape (0,10€), strawberry (0,20€), peach (0,50€), banana (1,00€) and melon (3,00€).

Objects used for infrastructure inventories include, for example, a bench, trashcan, culvert and manhole cover. Their values are determined separately for each mission but are usually in the range of 0,30–3,00€ each.

We also have polygons worth money in our invasive species missions. Their values are based on the sightings’ size, density and species. They can be worth up to 0,25€ per square meter.

How much am I able to earn using the Crowdsorsa app?

On average, we have found that users can make over 15€ per hour when participating in our missions. The sooner you join a mission, the more there is to earn around the city.

How do I get paid?

Once you have uploaded your photos and/or videos to our server and they have passed our quality check, the rewards will appear on your user profile’s Wallet where you can make a payment request. You will then receive the money into your bank account in a week. Please make sure to fill out your payment details correctly to avoid unnecessary delays.

Why didn’t I get paid for all my photos/videos?

This can happen if some of your photos or videos do not follow the mission instructions. After you upload your files to us, they go through a quality check where we either approve or reject them. You earn money only from approved files.

The rejection reason and other details can be seen by opening the file card in Files. Rewards related to a file that has been rejected will be returned for anyone to collect again.

Why isn’t the Crowdsorsa app working?

There may be several different reasons for this: your phone model does not have a compass, you are running an old operating system or app version that needs to be updated, there are no available missions (common especially in winter time) or the app is having a temporary problem such as the server being down. You can always contact us and report any problems you are having.

What is the data used for?

The photos and videos produced by our users are usually analyzed either manually or by artificial intelligence. We sell this data to our clients who are mostly cities, municipalities or road administrations. They use it for purposes such as inventory updates, maintenance planning and repair debt calculation.

How do you take care of privacy issues?

We always ensure that privacy matters are taken seriously, meaning that unnecessary objects such as people and cars are blurred from the videos and photos.

Do video recordings include also audio?

No, your voice or any other audio is never recorded when you take videos. It is not relevant information to us.

I made an order from your store. Why did I receive only some of the items?

You have probably ordered both equipment (e.g. phone holder) and merchandise (e.g. t-shirt). These products are sent from different warehouses and thus arrive in separate packages, likely with a little different delivery times. You can contact us regarding any concerns related to your order.