• City

    Cities and municipalities have great amounts of different infrastructure assets around their region: benches, trashcans, roadblocks – you name it. Usually these assets require maintenance, repair and having inventories. With our Crowdsorsa mobile game, the citizens earn money and compete against each other by taking gpstagged photos of these assets around the city. This photo data can be analyzed either manually or by artificial intelligence, based on your criteria. The results are presented to you on an intuitive map interface or exported to the system of your choice.

  • Road

    Cities and road administrations may have hundreds or even thousands of kilometers of roads and bicycle lanes to be maintained in good and safe condition. Traditional methods of surveying pavement defects are both time-consuming and based on personal opinions instead of hard facts. Crowdsorsa makes it possible to survey the city’s entire road or bicycle lane network, including traffic signs, in a matter of hours. Because the gps-tagged video data created by the citizens is analyzed by a highly advanced AI model, the results will always be accurate and objectively analyzed. A powerful road asset management system can be included in the service package for effortless maintenance planning.

  • Water

    Stormwater departments are responsible for the development and maintenance of cities’ stormwater systems. Because of today’s commonly compact urban structure, they need to be in good control to prevent flooding and other problems. Creating a clear perception of the stormwater system’s operability can be challenging – except for us. With Crowdsorsa and our active data collectors, it is possible to produce a quick snapshot of the whole stormwater system network during one event of heavy rain. This gps-tagged video data you can easily view on our map interface.

  • Invasive species

    Invasive species are one of the biggest threats to biodiversity. These harmful plants and creatures aggressively take over the habitat of original species. They may also spread diseases and parasites, even cause extinction in the ecosystem. Fortunately, we can effectively tackle this problem through crowdsourcing. The players of Crowdsorsa go around the city, looking for invasive plants such as lupine, Japanese rose and Himalayan balsam to repel them. Every sighting is recorded on video and drawn accurately on the game’s map, making these microtasks well documented and easy to keep track of. In addition to plants, our solution can also be used against Spanish slugs and other invasive creatures.

What sets us apart

  • Super fast service

    Collecting and analyzing a whole city’s infrastructure data doesn’t require months or weeks anymore. We will be finished in a few days.

  • Cost-cutting efficiency

    The unmatched bang for the buck we make possible with crowdsourced data collection, state-of-the-art AI models and streamlined processes.

  • Citizen participation

    The people can participate in helping their city become a better place by playing Crowdsorsa mobile game and getting paid for their data collection.

  • Effortless experience

    Only the bare minimum is required from our clients. The Crowdsorsa team, users and industry partners are able get it all done for you.

Here’s how it happens

  • 1. You define us the target assets

  • 2. We create a mission in our mobile game

  • 3. We take care of marketing and user acquisition

  • 4. The mission starts, and users begin collecting data

  • 5. We quality check the uploaded photos/videos

  • 6. The users get paid for all approved uploads

  • 7. The data is analyzed by artificial intelligence

  • 8. You are ready to use your new, crowdsourced data

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